I LOVE to speak and to present workshops! I’m constantly adding new topics, so if you don’t see something listed, contact me and I can develop one just for you and your needs.

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Available Presentations and Workshops:

Workshops are a great way to get the hands-on and practical tips and tools you need, and leveraged in a groups setting. We offer these workshops in 2-hour and 4-hour formats and are designed to accommodate groups of up to 20 people. These workshops can be customized for your specific group needs and goals, or we can co-create an entirely new workshop for you.

Close Your Eyes and Jump! Career and Life Transitions – Taking Risks with Balance
First real job. Moving into your own place. Getting married. Having children. Changing jobs. Messing it up. Fixing it. Stay-at-home parent. Working parent. Entrepreneur. Management tract. Learning something new. Traveling the world. More education. Saying “no”. Saying “yes”. Starting over. Leaving it all. Chasing your dream. New career. New city. Caring for others. Caring for yourself. Holding your breath…
There’s no way around it: “Life” is a series of Transitions mixed up with Risks. But how you approach them is up to you.

Children and Spouse and Work – Oh My! Life-Work Balance for Ordinary Moms
A refreshing and honest talk designed for Ordinary People to help you achieve your own unique balance. You know – it’s hard to keep all the balls in the air: children; spouse; career; spirituality; household; health; friends and more. There never seems to be enough time and at the end of the day, you’re left feeling exhausted and even guilty. But you don’t need to be extraordinary to make it work – ordinary people can find balance, too!
Celebrities, superheroes and billionaires make it look easy – and maybe it is!

The Clock is Ticking: Time-Management Hacks for the Real World
The reality is, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. No more. No less. So why do some people seem to get more done? In their personal life and in their work. You know her – she works full time, volunteers at her kids’ school, bakes cookies and pies for the fundraiser, runs marathons, gets weekly manicures, and sits on the board of the local homeless shelter.
She’s not Wonder Woman; she just knows the secret. The secret is being smart and efficient.
Time Management is about more than a great calendar and a to-do list.

The Life-Work Wheel: Define, Create and Own Your Unique Life-Work Balance
This workshop is based on my proprietary self-assessment tool, Life-Work Wheel (c), which examines where you’re “at” and where you want to be for 16 different aspect of your Life and your Work. Using this tool, we will discuss common concerns and ways we all become “stuck” in these different aspects, and, most importantly, we can discuss ways to become “unstuck” and increase our satisfaction in these aspects. This workshop can be presented in several formats for many different-sized groups. It’s also a wonderful team-building opportunity.
A fabulous way to start the journey toward your own, unique Life-Work Balance!


New topics are being added, so if you don’t see one that resonates, please contact Kari at 847-778-8219 or Kari@SklootConsulting.com for more information or to customize a presentation to your specific needs.