10 Favorite Sites for September 2015


I confess. I could spend all day lost on the internet reading sites and blogs and studies and articles…. Just hour after hour reading and absorbing. I know it’s a time-sucker and an indulgence, but I can’t help it! And, based on what I hear from my clients, I’m not alone in getting sucked into the wonderful World Wide Web.

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So, in the interest of honoring your Life-Work Balance, I’ve gathered a few of my current favorite sites so you don’t have to spend the extra hours searching for great articles and websites. I’ve done the searching for you!  Here is my gift to you, my 10 Favorite Sites for September 2015!


(listed in alpha order)


  1. BlogHer.com

No list of sites for working moms would be complete without BlogHer. Started in 2005, this site has continued to grow and maintain its relevance with active bloggers for food, family, style, health and more – including work/life, of course. And under each category, they list many sub-categories. They offer some of the best bloggers in the biz. If you can’t find it here, no one has written it!

Sample article: To My Children, I’m Not Sorry I Work
by Captain Optimist


  1. BreathingSpace.com

This is the website of Jeff Davidson, the Work Life Balance Expert, and his Breathing Space Institute. Feature audio recordings of tips and great articles and links. He’s the author of several must-have books, including The 60-Second Organizer, Simpler Living and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting Things Done.

Sample article: Less Clutter, More Life
by Jeff Davidson


  1. DailyWorth.com

This site contains advice on all things money, especially for women. A lot of working moms shy away from talking about money issues, but this site reminds us just how important it is to be educated about our finances. It also includes articles on parenting, careers and more.

Sample article: I’m NOT Trying to Have it All
by Kristy Sammis 


  1. EmpoweringRetreat.com

This site centers around their core areas: wellness; fitness; nutrition; spirituality; balance; serenity; environment. Their articles on balance are clinical and research-rich, which appeals to a lot of us out there. This site also boasts loads of links to other sites.

Sample article: How to Enjoy Your Work and Improve Your Health: Tips for Improving Job Satisfaction
by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.


  1. Huffingtonpost.com/news/work-life-balance

This has been my first stop for years – I’ve been a huge fan of Huffington Post since it first began. And their Work-Life-Balance section keeps getting better and better as they attract more writers and bloggers that intersect with Business and Lifestyle and Technology. They cover research, how policy changes impact us all, along with the funny and irreverent that we need to remember.

Sample article: This Could Be The Biggest Boost For Work-Life Balance Since…
by Emily Peck


  1. SheOwnsIt.com

Specifically for women entrepreneurs, some of the articles are for singles and for women entrepreneurs without kids, which is a segment often overlooked by female entrepreneur sites. They list conferences focused on women entrepreneurs that a lot of other sites miss.

Sample article: Everything You Need to Know About Registered Agents
by Deborah Sweeney


  1. TinyBuddha.com

At first I expected this site to be all about life’s little inspirations, but it really has so much more depth. Yes, most of the articles cover topics of peace and fulfillment and happiness (nothing wrong with that!), but most of the articles offer great practical advice and tips as well. I really love reading the blogs they gather under the category of Work Fulfillment – it’s a nice spin on what I consider Balance.

Sample article: How to Quit or Move On Without Feeling Guilty
by Cloris Kylie Stock


  1. WorkAwesome.com

An “awesome” site for all people who want to be awesome at work and at what they’re passionate about.  Great fun and energy on this website. This site contains lot of different categories that cover all aspects of careers and passions including a job board.

Sample article: 6 Areas to Focus on for Work-Life Balance
by Devika Arora


  1. WorkingMomsAgainstGuilt.com

Another of my favorite sites (I love their name!) began in 2006 in Cincinnati. Their simple categories – Work; Love; Play — really says it all. I also like their lists of books, blogs and podcasts. So many wonderful bloggers, I can’t pick one favorite!

Sample article: Returning to Work After Maternity Leave – Again
by Stephanie Tsales


  1. WorkingMother.com

This is a must-visit site that has everything – easy to navigate and the categories make sense. They also cover research and conferences with a special focus on flexibility. More information than anyone could ever take in.  So many fabulous bloggers that I could spend all day on this site alone. They also publish Working Mother magazine.

Sample article: Want to Raise Your Self Esteem? Stop Trying to Please Other People
by Tisha Berg


Pretty great stuff, right? I hope this was helpful and that you found someplace new to visit. Remember, these are just the 10 favorites that I’m paying close attention to right now. What have I missed? What are you reading? I’m going to keep this list going, so please comment and let me know your favorite sites for Life-Work Balance.



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